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          SPA STUDIO

This is the view from PATY´S YOGA STUDIO & MASSAGE, you are either receiving a
massageor  getting a pedicure and looking at the waves coming and going.
Enjoy PATY´S YOGA STUDIO & MASSAGE, spoil yourself while you are on holiday and
the best PRICES. Read or drink while having a Pedicure or a Reflexology massage.
Each hand has a table, thereby you do not loose the alignment. Estela moves easily from
left table to right table and viceversa and you do not have to loose your center, your alignment.
View of massage table on the back and manicure and pedicure set.
Cabinet for Spa Items. This is neat, we warm the water and stones with sunlight, there by
naturally energizing the stones, nothing better than lieing your feet on a bed of local stones.
Massage table and manicure and pedicure set. This is the view when you are having a pedicure.


All services are provided under previous appoinment, please send us an email, give us a call or pass by to make your appoinment.


RELAXING MASSAGE   50 minutes                  300 pesos

MANICURE SPA 150  pesos (15 USD)
PEDICURE SPA 300  pesos (25 USD)

Note: If you want to make an appointment for Massage, Manicure SPA, Pedicure SPA, a Facial, a Haircut or  Bikini Waxing  please send an e-mail to PATY MARIMAR to marimar_z@hotmail.com
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